Steve’s Scrapbook (More added and more to come)

“Young Boy With A Horn”

Boy With A Horn

Steve 1966 copy

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1966 New Lincoln High School Graduation Photo

New Lincoln School History

The Lincoln School was established in 1917 by the Rockefeller-funded General Education Board as “a pioneer experimental school for newer educational methods,” under the aegis of Columbia University’s Teachers College. In 1941 Teachers College merged Lincoln School with Horace Mann School, which it operated as a demonstration school. When Teachers College closed down the combined school in 1946, the Horace Mann School became an independent private school located in Bronx, New York and the parents of Lincoln School students established the New Lincoln School in Manhattan New York at the north end of Central Park in 1948 to carry on the tradition of progressive, experimental education, concentrating on the individual child, offering an interdisciplinary core program as well as electives in elementary grades, and emphasizing the arts. The New Lincoln School closed the North Central Park building in 1971. The school finally closed permanently in 1988.

Pat & Dick

Steve’s interest in art really began to take hold in New Lincoln High School. Patricia Dobrin was the most influential teacher during those times. Her encouragement gave me the confidence to keep working in art and apply to art schools for college. She also is an artist in her own right and her website is full of her new work, which is amazing!

Patricia and her husband Dick became a good friends. We lost track of each other for a long time, but here we all are again in Santa Fe, 2012. They are both very special people and will always be close to my heart.

“I think that the full range of the human experience is the business of art and in return art intensifies our experience of being alive in all its vitality.”

Patricia Dobrin, 2012

“Looking at your recent work an idea might be connected to landscape and nature as a metaphor for inner states and feelings and looking at lot’s of artists over the centuries who have done that in different ways.”

Patricia Dobrin, 2013

After high school Steve went on to graduate with a BFA in 1970. Elaine de Kooning was one of his teachers in his senior year. Besides being the wife of the famous painter Willem de Kooning she was an artist in her own right as well as an art critic and teacher. She wrote, “Mr. Lawrence has shown himself to be a sensitive and intelligent painter. He has evolved a difficult and original style of working on large canvases. I feel he should be encouraged to make art his lifetime profession.” Elaine de Kooning 5/15/70

After graduation Steve moved to San Francisco and helped start an artists cooperative called Project Artaud and it is still functioning. The following history is taken from the Project Artaud website. The Building was a tooling factory for the American Can Company in 1925 (see photo, unknown photographer).

Project Artaud WP

Over the years it served many purposes, including that of building airplane parts during WWII in the large space that would later become Theater Artaud.

When the American Can Company abandoned the property, it was purchased by Pacific Pipe Company and remained empty for years, until it caught the eye of Joe Krysiak, an actor/director from Buffalo, New York with an interest in Antonine Artaud’s Theatre of the Absurd. Joe took out a lease on the property and invited around 70 artists to support his vision by paying 6 cents/square foot for raw warehouse space, which they converted into private art studios and other uses including the major performance space, Theater Artaud. Joe founded Project Artaud as a nonprofit corporation in 1971. After a few months, Joe left, but the artists stayed, and purchased the property in 1972.

Steve then went on to a 40 year career working in nonprofit organizations.

First Desk

This wasn’t my very first paid job, but it was my first desk at the Adolescent Day Treatment Center. Humble beginnings.

Steve and Wendell

Steve with fellow staff person and a good friend, Wendell Sams.

Steve gives his first speech as executive director at the Ronald McDonald House

First Speech WP

Executive Director, Steve with Marty Diamond, CEO Mt. Zion Hospital 1990

Marty Diamond

Former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown, former R.M.H. president, Adam Cohen, former RMH Board Member Julie Wellik and Steve in front of the Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco c. 1990

Steve& Willie copy

Steve With Former U.S. Chief Surgeon General, E. Koop

Unsolicited letter of commendation from then Lt. Governor Cruz

Bustamante Letter

(click the above letter to enlarge)

Oakes copy

“It was the love and commitment of six pairs of parents who started the Oakes Children’s Center for their own autistic children in 1962. Then there was no community-based educational program available for autistic children. The only option at that time for these six pairs of parents was to institutionalize their own children. These parents wanted a specially designed program that would provide an education for their children within a therapeutic context. They met with local mental health professionals, developed a program and obtained a grant. Much of the clinical staff volunteered and parents worked part time without pay in the classrooms. The program became increasingly professionalized and over the years developed into a successful school that serves children with severe emotional and developmental disabilities.” (unknown author)

Years later Steve became a board member and was made a vice-president and chair of strategic planning. Earlier he had worked for over a decade with emotionally disturbed and learning disabled children and adolescents, By getting involved with Oakes was his way of continuing to support that special population as well as their parents.

Sonoma July 4th

Steve became the executive director of the Sonoma Community Center and leads the 4th of July Parade

Sonoma Leadership Group


Steve in the Sonoma Leadership Group

Steve is honored

Steve is honored for his work in the Sonoma/Mexican cultural festival.


Sonoma Mayor's Letter


Mayor of Sonoma’s Letter

(click to enlarge)

Steve&Jerry B&W copy

Former San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders with Steve 2006 at a Community Catalysts of California event.

Steve&Bob Kelly B&W


Steve with former CEO of The San Diego Foundation



Steve was awarded Honorable Mention for his painting in the San Diego Art Dept. students show shortly after his retirement from his 40 year career in nonprofit organizations.

Steve in Studio 2


Steve finally gets a studio at the Park Blvd. Artworks. Two years after retirement he is back to painting and has lost over 35 lbs! Feeling stronger and healthier.

Front Cover p.1 copy

And his first one person show in the Borrelli/Space Gallery

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