My Artist’s Statement

My paintings come out of the abstract expressionist influence. I have a BFA degree from Carnegie Mellon University 1970. Among my most influential teachers was Elaine de Kooning who was an artist in the New York’s avant-garde movement. Her husband, Willem de Kooning was one of the pioneers in the abstract expressionist movement.

Abstract Expressionism (1940s) was a “transvisual movement.” The artists involved “… wanted to get beyond the surface to the authentic, to paint the forces of the unconscious at the same time as they gave full presence to the nature of paint, how it was applied…and what it did as a material….” ( Rose Slivka p.23 essay from The Spirit of Abstract Expressionism, selected writing by Elaine de Kooning.

I paint with acrylics, usually on canvas using multiple layers of color and texture including transparent medium. I am exploring the combination of emotion, perception and imagination.

A word about my pricing. I try to set prices based on the size of the painting and the estimated cost of materials. I do not include charges for my time or the effort it takes to create, because painting is my passion and not a task that requires compensation. I also keep my pricing as low as possible to help ensure that my work will be within the grasp of as many people as possible.

For me the creative process is only complete when the product is seen and experienced by someone besides me. So if you simply want to browse or buy a painting I welcome you.

There is no right or wrong interpretation of my art. While I have titled some of my paintings, I prefer not to because that creates a predisposition on the observer.

Art is an interactive experience that encompasses everything from the observer’s participation to the ambient light where it is seen and any other environmental component.

One of my first art teachers, Patricia Dobrin, an artist in her own right, said, “I think that the full range of the human experience is the business of art and in return art intensifies our experience of being alive in all its vitality.”

In closing I would like everyone to know that if you choose to take one of my paintings into your home or office or other environment I hope you will find it enriches the quality of your life.

Some of my work can be seen in this blog/website, but to really appreciate it see it in person. My studio is at 4411 Park Blvd. in San Diego. It’s best to call ahead or e-mail me at Studio phone or text (858) 863-6487.

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