About “Walls” the Painting

About “Walls”, the Painting

When one runs into a wall the tendency is to turn around and go another way. But, as in the painting, the walls all come to an end and instead of going backwards one can go around the wall or even over it. It takes perseverance and courage to explore what the wall is about and how to deal with it. Walls can also provide protection and a hiding place until one is ready to move on. Walls can be seen as sign posts causing one to find a new direction. Breaking through a wall is tough. Perhaps it is wiser to take the path of least resistance like water flowing wherever it finds a path. Walls are not a “dead end” unless one gives up. May we all find a way to get beyond the walls and continue the journey.


Not only a new painting, but a different type altogether. This was done on watercolor paper glued to a mat board then glued to a fiberboard. Precut small pieces of wood were glued to the board to form a pattern and then all was painted with acrylics and finished with acrylic medium and final acrylic varnish. There are 3 images: the whole thing, a detail shot and a close up detail shot. It is called “Walls” and is 20×16 inches. Click each image to enlarge.


Walls Detail

Walls Close Up Detail