Short Video of me in the Studio

Christopher Nebel made this video of me in my studio. It is less than 3 minutes long, but I think he did a great job and I recommend Rogue Brands! Hope you enjoy! It highlights my college experience, but even though it’s not in the video, my high school art teacher Patricia Dobrin has been a guiding influence over the years, you can see her incredible art work at Enjoy the video and Patricia’s site too!

Searching for the Male Muse

Germaine Greer once wrote that “the muse in her purest aspect is the feminine part of the male artist… the yin to his yang.” I’m woking on a painting that may, I say, may be the image of a male muse. I also think of it as the “Guardian.” I will post the current unfinished version soon.

Wonder Window Revised

This painting is a slightly reworked version of “Wonder Window.” It may be one of my best efforts. I don’t think I’ll do more to it. It’s a “landmark” having finished on the one year anniversary of my cardiac arrest. I not only survived I’m working harder than ever and I think this painting shows a new opening as in the title, “Wonder Window.”Wonder Window Framed

Daily Chicago Etching

First there was Guernica in 1937. Then in 1968 there was Chicago. While Chicago didn’t have the horrible loss of life that occurred at Guernica, it was a national disgrace that hurt many innocent people. The picture is called Daily Chicago referencing then mayor Richard Daley who ordered the police to attack the demonstrators. The image also references Picasso’s painting of  Guernica. Given the violence of today, we must remember events like these and others, because as the saying goes, if we fail to learn from the past, then history will repeat itself.


Daily Chicago Framed