IntersectionYes, another new painting! This one is entitled, “Intersection” I haven’t decided if it is best vertical as in this photo or horizontal, which is also interesting and then which is the top and which would be the bottom? That’s what happens when you are painting and you turn the canvas in different directions. I know the effect I’m looking for and feel that it is dynamic, but all those questions remain. Sorry also about the reflection that obscures part of the painting, but that’s what happens when you use an iPhone and uncontrolled lighting.

Awakening: the painting


Having seen the end of the line you know we are all on borrowed time. But some are given a second chance as the blackness breaks apart and the light shines through. Eyes open, the heart beats and the breath is renewed. This is the vision of awakening, a rising to the surface and the struggle simply to be.

Awakening FramedFor some this may look like the cliché of “going towards the light” as in the process of dying. But this painting is about being born again. Yes, going towards the light, but it’s the light of life as you break through the darkness.