On Franz Kline

Franz Kline & Willem“Franz Kline seems to get rid of everything but immediacy….” In his paintings their “… great energy lies in a naked, physical presence. Its time is now, the place is here…. His work is complete, independent: it is all there, in front of you…. Shorn of all reference, association or allusion, his art seems to reject any attempts at explanation…. “His acceptance of things-as-they-are had nothing to do with resignation, but with a rare, panoramic enthusiasm….. The shock of original art comes from the form it gives to a consciousness that was there, formless, beforehand.”The Spirit of Abstract Expressionism, ©copyright 1994, George Braziller, Inc. Selected writings by Elaine de Kooning, p.189-190

Some Final Words From Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann,  “At the time of making a picture, I want not to know what I’m doing; a picture should be made with feeling, not with knowing.”

“A work of art is finished from the point of view of the artist,” says Hofmann, “when feeling and perception have resulted in a spiritual synthesis.”

That sums it up for me.

Short Video of me in the Studio

Christopher Nebel @roguebrands.com made this video of me in my studio. It is less than 3 minutes long, but I think he did a great job and I recommend Rogue Brands! Hope you enjoy! It highlights my college experience, but even though it’s not in the video, my high school art teacher Patricia Dobrin has been a guiding influence over the years, you can see her incredible art work at http://patriciadobrin.com Enjoy the video and Patricia’s site too!