Always Working

OK so I’m still not satisfied with the “Autumn Tree” and am continuing to work on it. However, I always try to have more than one project going at a time. That way I can let one dry and work on another. Attached is one I finished yesterday while still working on the “tree” and a larger one on canvas 24×24. I scanned this one, which I should have done for the others on watercolor paper, but oh well.Acrylic on Paper Framed

Openings IS Coming update

Well, in case anyone was reading my messages about “Openings Is Coming” until it becomes a real thing I’ll just add that it will be an exhibit of some of my paintings. I guess the “teaser” didn’t work, but that’s OK. The paintings that will be included are some of my favorites that combine the elements of what you may see through a window or doorway or other “Opening.” So when I get it together I’ll post it. When I do I hope I’ll get comments from you all.