Awakening: the painting


Having seen the end of the line you know we are all on borrowed time. But some are given a second chance as the blackness breaks apart and the light shines through. Eyes open, the heart beats and the breath is renewed. This is the vision of awakening, a rising to the surface and the struggle simply to be.

Awakening FramedFor some this may look like the cliché of “going towards the light” as in the process of dying. But this painting is about being born again. Yes, going towards the light, but it’s the light of life as you break through the darkness.

Preview Alert

Preview AnnouncementP. 1 Cover Final copy

I thought I’d let you know about my next show about my “near death” experience. I resisted using that experience in my art for some time, but little by little it crept in. So I’m developing a show of related paintings and write-ups about each one and how it relates to the experience. I’m dedicating the show to the paramedics that saved my life. But the show has to do with more about what happens after you “return.” You may have actually seen some of the paintings on Facebook, but I think when I’m finished it will be a very personal and intense expression of what that experience was like. I know some of you may be too far away to see it in person, but I’m going to try to put it into a slide show that you can access online. It will be a while before its finished. I’m attaching a draft of the announcement for the show. More details will be in the final version. Hope all is well and that you have a great Thanksgiving. All my best, Steve

On Franz Kline

Franz Kline & Willem“Franz Kline seems to get rid of everything but immediacy….” In his paintings their “… great energy lies in a naked, physical presence. Its time is now, the place is here…. His work is complete, independent: it is all there, in front of you…. Shorn of all reference, association or allusion, his art seems to reject any attempts at explanation…. “His acceptance of things-as-they-are had nothing to do with resignation, but with a rare, panoramic enthusiasm….. The shock of original art comes from the form it gives to a consciousness that was there, formless, beforehand.”The Spirit of Abstract Expressionism, ©copyright 1994, George Braziller, Inc. Selected writings by Elaine de Kooning, p.189-190